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Outfit Rental FAQ's

Good question! It's simple. Stop in our selected locations or visit us online, browse our category of rentals, rent, and return. Easy stuff!

Our rental options are between 1 and 4 days. If you need the rental longer than 4 days, please use the contact form below to reach us and we will try our best to respond within 48 hours.

You can rent online as long as your rental is not within 5 days of your pickup date. Also, please note that all rentals will have a 2 day period between each rental so that we can have the item dry cleaned before we hand it off to its next renter. Same day renting is available in store only!

The security deposit is in place just in case the outfit is returned damaged, ripped, or torn, or we do not receive the rental on the agreed date. The security deposit is 100% refundable after we have received the outfit in the condition we provided it to you in and should be deposited back into your account within 1-14 business days depending on your bank's regulations.

Returning in store is an option and is free.

If you'd like to return by mail, it is an additional $15 and you must select this option at checkout. When you do this, you will be provided a return label in your order and are required to return the rental in the same packaging you received your outfit in. Rentals being returned via mail should be taken to the post office on the agreed return date. Otherwise, you forfeit your security deposit.

If you live in Cuyahoga or Summit County (Ohio), we also offer a pickup option for $75. You must add this onto your order at checkout.

You can cancel your rental within 24 hours of booking and receive a full refund and your security deposit.

If you cancel your rental after 24 hours since your booking date, you will forfeit your security deposit and will receive 30% of your full payment as a refund (70% will be used for restocking fee).

We ship out rentals 5 days before your pickup date. We are not responsible for delayed packages. During that time, we advise contacting the shipping carrier. All packages are delivered with a signature confirmation.

If you do not receive your package by the date agreed for pickup, we will send a 70% refund (30% is used as a restocking fee). In this circumstance, the package still must be returned to the post office by the agreed return date.

Have a special request? Contact us!